Is the download free?

Yes, the down load is free and you get 20 free notifications.

What are the notifications?

After you scan your Powerball or Mega Millions ticket and the app successfully saves it, LottoBug® will send a notification immediately after the drawing on your results

I used all my free notifications, how do I get more?

Go to the Menu and tap In-app Purchase and purchase more Plays. These are notifications.

How do I play Pool Party?

Make sure when you login to LottoBug®, you tap Sign in with Facebook. This allows the app to link to your friends that also have the LottoBug® app. Go to the Menu and tap In-app Purchase and purchase Pool Party.

Do I have to purchase Pool Party every time I want to create a pool?

No, Pool Party is a one- time purchase.

I purchased Pool Party and tried to create a pool, but none of my Facebook Friends were listed. What am I doing wrong?

The Pool Party will provide a list of your Facebook friends that have downloaded the app. Make sure the friends you want to create a pool with have downloaded the app and purchased Pool party.

I scanned my ticket but only some numbers are correct. What do I do?

A notification will pop up that says "Scanned ticket numbers may vary. Please confirm your ticket numbers before saving". Tap "ok", tap on the circle(s) that have incorrect number and using the keypad, tap the correct number. The image of the ticket is saved.

I scanned my ticket, but only 1 row or the 2 on the ticket are showing. How do I get both rows?

Tap "+Add New" and will allow you to add an additional line of numbers.

Where are the scans of my tickets?

Go to My Tickets and tap either Powerball of Mega Millions. Your tickets will be listed under Drawn Tickets (past drawings) or Upcoming Tickets (Drawing coming up).

How long does LottoBug® maintain my ticket results?

LottoBug® will keep your notifications results for 30 days.

What are the green circles?

Numbers that match the drawn numbers will show in green. This gives the you a quick glance of your ticket results.