About LottoBug®

The app the lotteries want you to have. Millions of dollars in winnings go unclaimed because potential winners lose their numbers. This app notifies you of results within minutes of a Powerball or Mega Millions drawing for which you have purchased tickets. LottoBug®’s Pool Party feature makes playing the lottery fun again. Powerful social media integration makes inviting Facebook friends to your pool easy! Pool with people no matter what state they’re playing from and benefit from the increased odds for your pool.

Track Powerball and Mega Millions Tickets from Any State

  • Play the largest lottery pools
  • Receive push notifications of drawn numbers
  • Easily track whether or not your scanned pool tickets are winners

Hassle Free Number Updates

  • Never forget to check your tickets for winners again
  • Millions of dollars in winnings regularly go unclaimed
  • Receive winning ticket results in minutes

Connect with Other Players

  • Create pools with your Facebook friends
  • Share the fun and excitement of Pool Party through Facebook
  • Participate in jackpots without having to create office pools


Automatic Notification of Lottery Results

LottoBug® notifies you within minutes of a drawing, informing you of any winnings and the amount of money won based on the numbers matched from the drawing.

Better With Friends

Create pools with your friends and Facebook users from different states, where odds may be more favorable based on tickets sold per drawing. Play with up to five of your friends in your pool!

Easily Track Your Play History

LottoBug® makes it easy to keep track of your ticket purchases, pools participated in, and numbers played. It’s a powerful lottery resource in the palm of your hand.

Free Download Includes 20 Notifications

In-app purchases allow you to buy additional notifications as well as access to the social Pool Party feature.